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WATSON Project In Agriumbria 2023

WATSON is a flagship EU proposal that aims to develop a set of systems that provide greater transparency throughout a food product’s journey, raise consumer awareness of food safety and value, promote healthier lifestyles, and create a sustainable food ecosystem. The technologies will be demonstrated in six different use cases in a number of key food…

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A DNA Oriented Perspective On PDO/PGI EVOO

  DNA Traceability and PDO/PGI EVOO The Olive Oil market is unceasingly growing, expected to reach a value of €17.6 billion by 2030. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) represents an important segment of this industry, well-established and renowned for its health benefits and positive impact in people’s lives, hosting two subcategories; PDO (Protected Designation of…

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How DNA is Preserving Local Heritage and Sustaining the Environment

“BioCoS, is driven by the passion for science and understanding the origins of life. Food, specifically olive oil, is at the very heart of this concept. The company’s innovative approach to address sustainability in food industry is demonstrated through their recent initiative of conducting the first geo-genetic mapping of Greek women producers. “We wanted to…

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Launch of the new Horizon Europe project ALLIANCE

Launch of the new Horizon Europe project ALLIANCE aiming to develop a framework for decentralised verification of quality labelled food and food fraud prevention. A consortium of 25 partners coming from 12 countries and bringing expertise across and along food supply chains in addition to leading universities, think tanks, innovation managers, and technology developers. Food fraud is…

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White Paper: A Novel SNP able to identify five Greek Olive Varieties

BioCoS’ White Paper deals with its newly discovered Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) able to distinguish five (5) Greek cultivars of Olea europaea L. covering ~80% of the Greek Olive Oil production. DNA-based Olive Oil /EVOO authentication is based on different types of geneticmarkers. SNPs are among the most promising, allowing via qPCR-HRM to determine the varietal composition of…

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BioCoS and UroGenus Lab – Health Sector

Good work is recognized by our clients. We have been working with Urogenus Lab for the last ~8 months to deliver a tailor-made automated Bioinformatics pipeline for single-cell RNA seq data processing, to support their research activities in precision medicine.  

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DNA Blockchain – Digital innovation adds transparency in extra virgin olive oil

DNA Blockchain is a project funded by S3food (EU Horizon 2020 R&I programme under GA No. 824769-S3FOOD”) in collaboration between BioCoS (lead) and InTTrust (partner). Read the interview of our CEO, Stelios Arhondakis, on how Digital innovation can add transparency in the extra virgin olive oil.   “For us in BioCoS every olive grove and its produced EVOO is…

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BioCoS and Galenica Join Forces

BioCoS is thrilled to announce its collaboration with GALENICA, for the DNA authentication of the ingredients used in Cretan Iama. A supplement based on traditional Cretan Herbs that naturally strengthen body defenses. Cretan Iama will become the 1st Greek supplement, where natural ingredients are DNA verified, from the collection site (field) up to manufacturing, supporting sustainable practices and valorizing local producers.

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First geo-genetic mapping of Greek Women Olive Oil Producers

We are excited to begin the first geo-genetic mapping of Greek Women producers. A collaboration setting the foundations of a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable Olive Oil production. The creation of this geo-genetic platform represents a unique opportunity to collect, preserve and characterize genetic resources at a National level. Genetic material that may result crucial for future research…

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Wild Olive Trees

Ξεκινώντας δυναμικά το 2022 με έναν νέο στόχο – το πολύτιμο ελαιόλαδο από την Αγριελιά!   Η ΑΒΕΑ χαρτογραφεί το DNA του ελαιολάδου και ποντάρει στην αγριελιά των 25 ευρώ

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