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3rd Plenary Meeting of the ALLIANCE EU Project

The 3rd meeting of the ALLIANCE EU project was held in Athens last week. BioCoS was there to showcase how DNA boosts evidence of origin to the consumers with our main focus being the PDO/PGI labels from Italy. Follow us for more updates LinkedIn | Facebook| X | Newsletter   Learn more about the project: https://watsonproject.eu/ ALLIANCE LinkedIn  |  X  | Youtube

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BioCoS at WATSON Project Meeting in London

Last week, BioCoS actively engaged in the technical coordination meeting of the EU WATSON project in London. The relevant stakeholders optimized the food safety technological framework to hand over to the industry. During the meeting, BioCoS showcased the advancements in the on-site DNA profiling of Olive Oil. Follow us for more updates, on our commitment…

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BioCoS’ Showcase of Innovation at Anuga FoodTec 2024

Anuga FoodTec 2024 attracted 40,000 trade visitors – almost 50% more than in 2022 – from 133 countries. These numbers reflect the growing trends of innovation in the food industry. BioCoS participated showcasing its innovative platform, DNA4Trace, dedicated to the complete traceability of Olive Oil labels (from field-to-store) utilizing DNA data, along with its under-development device…

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FoodDataQuest EU Project – Press Release

We at BioCoS are proud to contribute to this project! Collaborating with 15 other partners from 8 countries, we are united in our mission to combat the barriers in the agri-food sector by implementing cutting-edge data-driven approaches. Through FoodDataQuest EU, we aim to confront the social and environmental issues prevalent in the food supply chain, aiming to alleviate…

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BioCoS will be attending Anuga FoodTec 2024

BioCoS will be attending Anuga FoodTec, which will be held on 19-22 March at Koelnmesse (Cologne) Anuga FoodTec is the most important information and business platform for new concepts and innovative developments in the international food and beverage industry. It is the world’s only supplier fair that competently covers all aspects of food and beverage production –…

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Unlock the path of your Olive Oil using DNA Technologies

When incorporating high-quality Olive Oil into culinary processes or using it to enhance the flavor of Mediterranean-inspired dishes, you are upholding a long-standing gastronomic heritage. However, in today’s global market, verifying the purity and authenticity of Olive Oil within your supply chain can present substantial challenges. This is where advanced DNA technology plays a pivotal role,…

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DNA Traceability Vol.2 – DiaNA is back

  Want to learn more about the benefits of DNA traceability? Click on the link and watch this great episode with our DNA expert, DiaNA.

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WATSON Project In Agriumbria 2023

WATSON is a flagship EU proposal that aims to develop a set of systems that provide greater transparency throughout a food product’s journey, raise consumer awareness of food safety and value, promote healthier lifestyles, and create a sustainable food ecosystem. The technologies will be demonstrated in six different use cases in a number of key food…

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A DNA Oriented Perspective On PDO/PGI EVOO

  DNA Traceability and PDO/PGI EVOO The Olive Oil market is unceasingly growing, expected to reach a value of €17.6 billion by 2030. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) represents an important segment of this industry, well-established and renowned for its health benefits and positive impact in people’s lives, hosting two subcategories; PDO (Protected Designation of…

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How DNA is Preserving Local Heritage and Sustaining the Environment

“BioCoS, is driven by the passion for science and understanding the origins of life. Food, specifically olive oil, is at the very heart of this concept. The company’s innovative approach to address sustainability in food industry is demonstrated through their recent initiative of conducting the first geo-genetic mapping of Greek women producers. “We wanted to…

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