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BioCoS Team

We are a highly skilled group of people forming a multidisciplinary team, from Biotechnology and Computer Science to Business and Marketing experts. We implement our services with dedication and responsibility to our customers, respect to the environment and commitment to society. At BioCoS, we recognise this responsibility and every day build the foundations for a sustainable future.

What We Do

Accurate. Fast. Secure.

We provide holistic DNA-based authentication and traceability solutions for companies active in the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. In the health sector, we support companies with tailor-made Bioinformatics pipelines development for a wide range of applications. Upon request we discover and validate of novel biomarkers for different types of pathogens. Curious to find out how we can help your company?

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Olive Oil DNA Authentication

DNA analysis dedicated to the identification of different olive varieties.


DNA Authentication

DNA identification of plant/animal species


DNA Traceability

End-to-end DNA traceability of food products, cosmetics using natural ingredients, and pharmaceutical supplements.



We offer a variety of Bioinformatics services, combining in-house pipelines with -omics data.


BioCoS values its collaborations with research centres, food industry and pharmaceutical companies.



Συνέντευξη στη ΝΑΥΤΕΜΠΟΡΙΚΗ TV

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Ευχαριστούμε τη ΝΑΥΤΕΜΠΟΡΙΚΗ για την πρόσκληση και την παραγωγική συνέντευξη. Συζητώντας για τη DNA Ιχνηλασιμότητα του Ελαιολάδου, ο CEO μας, Στέλιος Αρχοντάκης, ανέδειξε τα σημαντικά οφέλη για μια ετικέτα ελαιολάδου. Η συνέντευξη αυτή αποτελεί ενδεικτικό πυλώνα της δέσμευσης της BioCoS για την ενίσχυση της βιώσιμης ανάπτυξης και προστασίας της βιοποικιλότητας.     LinkedIn | Facebook| X | Newsletter

BioCoS at BEYOND Exhibition, April 25-27, 2024 – Thessaloniki

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BioCoS is thrilled to announce its participation in the BEYOND Innovation and Technology Exhibition, taking place at the International Exhibition & Congress Center of Thessaloniki from April 25-27, 2024. As a first-time participant, BioCoS is excited to present its cutting-edge DNA Traceability solutions, designed specifically for the Olive Oil industry and the broader food supply chain. Advanced DNA-based Traceability Solutions…

3rd Plenary Meeting of the ALLIANCE EU Project

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The 3rd meeting of the ALLIANCE EU project was held in Athens last week. BioCoS was there to showcase how DNA boosts evidence of origin to the consumers with our main focus being the PDO/PGI labels from Italy. Follow us for more updates LinkedIn | Facebook| X | Newsletter   Learn more about the project: https://alliance-heu-project.eu/ ALLIANCE LinkedIn  |  X  | Youtube

BioCoS at WATSON Project Meeting in London

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Last week, BioCoS actively engaged in the technical coordination meeting of the EU WATSON project in London. The relevant stakeholders optimized the food safety technological framework to hand over to the industry. During the meeting, BioCoS showcased the advancements in the on-site DNA profiling of Olive Oil. Follow us for more updates, on our commitment…

BioCoS’ Showcase of Innovation at Anuga FoodTec 2024

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Anuga FoodTec 2024 attracted 40,000 trade visitors – almost 50% more than in 2022 – from 133 countries. These numbers reflect the growing trends of innovation in the food industry. BioCoS participated showcasing its innovative platform, DNA4Trace, dedicated to the complete traceability of Olive Oil labels (from field-to-store) utilizing DNA data, along with its under-development device…

FoodDataQuest EU Project – Press Release

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We at BioCoS are proud to contribute to this project! Collaborating with 15 other partners from 8 countries, we are united in our mission to combat the barriers in the agri-food sector by implementing cutting-edge data-driven approaches. Through FoodDataQuest EU, we aim to confront the social and environmental issues prevalent in the food supply chain, aiming to alleviate…

BioCoS will be attending Anuga FoodTec 2024

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BioCoS will be attending Anuga FoodTec, which will be held on 19-22 March at Koelnmesse (Cologne) Anuga FoodTec is the most important information and business platform for new concepts and innovative developments in the international food and beverage industry. It is the world’s only supplier fair that competently covers all aspects of food and beverage production –…

FoodDataQuest EU Project

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We are pleased to announce that the HORIZON-CL6-2023-GOVERNANCE-01-17, (Type of Action: HORIZON-RIA) FoodDataQuest – “On a Quest for Data-Driven Innovations to fuel Sustainable Food Systems” has been approved for funding by the European Commission (GA ID: 101134138) and officially launched on 1st February 2024! Start: 1 February 2024 – End: 31 July 2027 – Total fund: €  3 999 500,00. 15 Partners from 8 Countries join forces to co-create and test cutting-edge data-driven…

Unlock the path of your Olive Oil using DNA Technologies

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When incorporating high-quality Olive Oil into culinary processes or using it to enhance the flavor of Mediterranean-inspired dishes, you are upholding a long-standing gastronomic heritage. However, in today’s global market, verifying the purity and authenticity of Olive Oil within your supply chain can present substantial challenges. This is where advanced DNA technology plays a pivotal role,…

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