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Unlock the path of your Olive Oil using DNA Technologies

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When incorporating high-quality Olive Oil into culinary processes or using it to enhance the flavor of Mediterranean-inspired dishes, you are upholding a long-standing gastronomic heritage. However, in today’s global market, verifying the purity and authenticity of Olive Oil within your supply chain can present substantial challenges. This is where advanced DNA technology plays a pivotal role, providing an intriguing solution to ensure the genuineness of this prized ingredient.

The Olive Oil Challenge

The Olive Oil industry has faced ongoing concerns related to potential admixtures. In some cases, Olive Oil has been mislabeled or blended with lesser-quality oils, resulting in the sale of Olive Oil products that do not meet the expected standards of rich flavor, nutritional value, and authenticity that consumers typically anticipate.

The DNA Solution

This revolutionary technology is changing the game by allowing consumers to unlock the secrets of authentic Olive Oil. Here’s how it works:

  • Sample Collection: To begin the authentication process, sampling is performed along the different stages of the supply chain – from field to bottle.
  • Genetic Analysis: BioCoS experts isolate DNA from both the leaves and the Olive Oil samples and perform a genetic test. A thorough analysis of the outcomes identifies the variety or varieties inside the Olive Oil and traces their genetic journey.

Why DNA Matters: The power of DNA technology lies in its capacity further ensuring that what Olive Oil companies and producers deliver is authentic. By endorsing the use of DNA-based Authentication within the Olive Oil industry, we not only protect consumers but also incentivize ethical and sustainable production.

Embrace DNA technology and strengthen your commitment to higher levels of transparency to your consumers.

Discover more about DNA-based Authentication and Traceability, and taste today the Olive Oil of tomorrow.

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