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We offer a variety of Bioinformatics services, utilizing Omics data.


  • DNA assembly & gene prediction
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analyses
  • Gene regulatory networks, functionality
  • Single Cell RNA seq analysis


BioCoS BIOmarkers COmputational System enables the identification of genetic information required to characterize a species/organism at a DNA level.

Food Sector: We discover and validate (upon request) two types of markers:

  • Genetic: Sequences capable to discriminate different species or varieties within a same species.
  • Artificial: DNA tracers/tags of high species-specificity sequences, and reduced cross-reactivity/DNA contamination

Health Sector: Our system has been adopted to efficiently process genomic data of pathogens (Viruses/Bacteria) for the discovery of novel Biomarkers upon which Primers (LAMP & regular) are designed.

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