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Olive Oil DNA Authenticity

Olive Oil DNA Authenticity

The rapid technological developments in biotechnology have led BioCoS to transform innovative ideas into practical applications in the Olive Oil Sector, and this is how the identification of olive varieties and adulteration detection was born.

With a strong background in the olive oil research, our R&D experts are able to provide an end-to-end solution that covers the entire supply chain utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.

We offer our service to companies in all segments of the olive oil industry (food, cosmetics and supplements) demanding varietal identification and/or traceability from field-to-store.


  • Varietal identification/composition
  • Origin identification
  • Detection of admixtures with other vegetable oils
  • DNA Traceability / DNA Verification Seal

o Fraud protection
o Transparency in the label
o Differentiation of the final product in competitive markets
o Enhancing brand awareness
o Reinforces consumers trust

Types of sample
o Leaves
o Fruit
o Olive Oil

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