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FoodDataQuest EU Project

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We are pleased to announce that the HORIZON-CL6-2023-GOVERNANCE-01-17, (Type of Action: HORIZON-RIA) FoodDataQuest“On a Quest for Data-Driven Innovations to fuel Sustainable Food Systems” has been approved for funding by the European Commission (GA ID: 101134138) and officially launched on 1st February 2024!

Start: 1 February 2024 – End: 31 July 2027 – Total fund€  3 999 500,00.

15 Partners from 8 Countries join forces to co-create and test cutting-edge data-driven solutions powered by AI and ML algorithms. These innovations aim to optimize operations, minimize waste, and foster transparency throughout the food chain, all while empowering consumers to make healthier and more sustainable choices.

Learn more about the project:

Fuelling the quest for sustainable food systems with data-driven innovations

The agri-food industry faces numerous challenges dealing with societal, public health, individual nutrition and environmental, food waste and overall food system sustainability challenges. Imbalances and disconnected food markets are generating undesirable trade-offs between the food supply, the consumption patterns, quality of nutrition and the environment. Interoperability and data sharing across agri-food supply networks is limited. Data can revolutionise the food industry and foster its contribution to inclusive and sustainable food systems. Data can be used to assist these stakeholders in making informed decisions on how to operate in a more sustainable and inclusive manner. In this way, they increase the efficiency of the food industry through the optimisation of relevant operations and the reduction of waste, promoting transparency and demonstrate their commitment to ethical and sustainable production. FoodDataQuest will develop ground-breaking data-driven solutions based on an integrated methodological framework that explores new types of private and public data sources, data from “unconventional players” and non-competitive data and leverages data sharing mechanisms in order to provide the EU food chain stakeholders with increased insights and enhance the transition towards sustainable healthy diets. The proposed framework will include guidelines and data collection strategies, to drive the food system transformation towards inclusive, sustainable, healthy diets within the boundaries of legal and policy frameworks. FoodDataQuest will co-create and test advanced data-driven solutions based on AI and ML algorithms, following a multi-actor approach that will serve as a lighthouse that positively impacts a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system. Last, FoodDataQuest will engage citizens into industry’s data-driven innovations balancing between data openness and protection of private and sensitive data of multiple stakeholders.

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