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Title: :  “Establishment of an integrative nutrigenomics platform for End Stage Renal Disease patients”

Nutrigenomics is fundamental in the understanding of the dietary intake influence on phenotype, particularly of the silver population. The project aims to establish an integrative nutrigenomics platform from silver population of End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients from Crete (Greece). To achieve this, BioCos will integrate omics data and dietary habits from healthy and kidney-failure individuals in order to assess the molecular mechanisms interacting with bioactive compounds and nutrients and detect putative biomarkers.


Data from 31 individuals (19 ESDR and 12 healthy) below and above 60 years => 11.626 differentially expressed genes (6,641 up- and 4,985 down-regulated between ESDR and Control)=> Filtering (FC > 2 & average expression > 1 TMM) 47%  of the DEGs


Cross-validation with pubblicly available data: 51 potential Biomarkers

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