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We are hiring!

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BioCoS is a fast-growing biotech company proudly located in Chania, in the beautiful island of Crete. BioCoS’ business is to implement and commercialize cutting edge Bioinformatics & Biotechnology solutions. Particular focus is given on emerging DNA-based technologies used for authenticity and traceability of botanical raw materials used to deliver food products, natural pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Currently, BioCoS is entering in the health sector. As our activities include collaborations with European and global research institutes and companies, for any role in our company we expect good fluency in English.

We are looking to add four full-time members in our team:

1.     One (1) position in Bioinformatics

2.     One (1) position in Biotechnology

3.     One (1) position as Research and Innovation consultant

4.     One (1) position for Business Analyst