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Genomics / Transcriptomics

  • Genomics: DNA assembly & gene prediction
  • Transcriptomics: analysis, elaboration and interpretation of data from sequencing- (e.g,. Next Generation Sequencing: RNA-seq) and hybridization-based techniques (microarrays)
  • Gene regulatory network analysis & interpretation
  • Modules Functionality
  • Network visualization & patterns discover

DNA Traceability and Authenticity

DNA Traceability: BioCoS computational pipeline enables the detection of an unlimited amount of short sequences to be applied as taggants in base of your demand and application

  • Artificial/Synthetic Sequences avoided in nature
  • Natural Sequences specific to a species

DNA Authenticity: BioCoS computational pipeline is able to identify the minimal genetic information required to characterize a species (genetic marker), to be applied in DNA based technologies and confer DNA authenticity of natural raw materials used to deliver products in food industry.

EVOO DNA authenticity

Computational Science

Algorithms & Mathematical modelling

  • Computing and advanced mathematical methods for biological systems (Biomedical, Agronomic) using finite element methods, optimal control theory, phase field methods.

Computational tools

  • Biomarkers: “True Plant” BIOmarkers COmputational System (TRUE PLANT BIOCOS) for the identifcation of potential biomarkers for any species of interest.
  • Omics Repository databases for agronomic and biomedical research.